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An inspiring success story of one of our fellow Affiliates.

Posted on May 23, 2014 at 5:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Today I am sharing a truely inspiring success story of one of our fellow Affiliates. It's really amazing.


Here is his success story in his own words.


"Where I am after two years in SFI."


"Today is my second year in SFI and I want to share to all my fellow SFI Affiliates what SFI and our TEAM has done to change my life.


It all started last May 23, 2012. I was working as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Saudi Arabia...

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What are the things about SFI that most convince people to join?

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Well!!! Plenty of points are there which can convince people to join SFI. I am trying to list the best of those in my answer here.


1. Its Free: This is something that attracts most of the people on internet to join a program. If you see a survey on various sites, you can easily find maximum sign ups happens only in sites which are free. And also, who do not wish to make money without investing? It clearly eliminates the possibility of any money loss and gives high quality ...

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Know about SFI/TripleClicks

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The following is a great resource to find out about anything you need to know about SFI and TripleClicks:

The 3-Step Plan Video: our shortcut to Success with SFI

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“What interests you most… working hard?… or making money?”


The 3-Step Plan Video: our shortcut to Success with SFI

Your OWN advertising is your way to GO!

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Many times people join here and ask: "How I can work SFI, I'm not an expert for online advertising?"


I know many will read forum, so my intention here is to point new members where to find useful things in SFI. Actually ALL this is VERY usefull but I understand that most of new people want to start with some ACTION right after they join. Maybe they will not produce something very BIG in a first days, but even if they manage to find just 1 PSA or PRM they will FEEL LI...

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Over the last 60 years, literally millions of people have participated in SFI type of business. And through many years of trial and error, and hundreds of millions of dollars spent on figuring out what works and what doesn't, SFI have a very clear picture of what leads to success.

Likewise, SFI has established it's own set of rules for success based on it's 16 year history and the investment of literally millions of do...

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3-Step-Plan + Simple System = BIG IMPACT

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You need to follow and comply with the following requirements to be successful with this method.

1. Stay FOCUS to the system.

2. Do exactly what this system tells you to do.

Do not do anything else besides that have been set in this system.


Now, let’s go straight to the system.

New Affiliates

1. Confirming your registration

2. Whitelisting [email protected]

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How much can I make?

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"How much can I make?" This is a common question when someone joins SFI, and a fair question as well. After all, you wouldn't take a job without first finding out how much you'd be paid, right?


So how much CAN you make as an SFI affiliate?


According to Entrepreneur magazine, the average home-based business household earns $50,250 a year. And about 20% of all home-business households earn in excess of $75,000 a year. And in some countries (such as the Unit...

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