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Your OWN advertising is your way to GO!

Posted on March 30, 2014 at 11:45 AM

Many times people join here and ask: "How I can work SFI, I'm not an expert for online advertising?"


I know many will read forum, so my intention here is to point new members where to find useful things in SFI. Actually ALL this is VERY usefull but I understand that most of new people want to start with some ACTION right after they join. Maybe they will not produce something very BIG in a first days, but even if they manage to find just 1 PSA or PRM they will FEEL LIKE A KING! Nothing in a life motivate people better than feeling of Success!


With your OWN advertising you get exactly that feeling! You will get a PROOF that YOU CAN. YOU ARE THE KING!


So, BEFORE you go to some ACTION ( advertising ) you have to answer yourself this question:



So many people are focused on Quantity but that's a mistake! Actually we all know that 1000 inactive affiliates can't benefit you at all, but if you have 5 VERY ACTIVE affiliates you can be on the TOP! This is something we can learn from ULTRA SIMPLE 3 STEPS PLAN here:


Let us first see WHY you need QUALITY? You first have to understand FOR WHAT ARE YOU PAID HERE? It is not quantity, it is not red tab clicking. Than what it is?


Only people who buy something will make you 45% of CV in $ commission plus people who BUILD THEIR TEAMS will build also your team, which will benefit you from #2 source of income and that is MATCHING BONUS. Next, maybe they will not buy much, or even not build their teams, but could be very successful as an ECA and SELL A LOT on TripleClicks. That will make you 10% ECA Royalty bonus for LIFE! All that is very simple and well explained under SFI COMPENSATION PLAN here:


So all in all, as you can see, only 1 but HIGH QUALITY affiliate can potentially benefit you much! He/she can sell in thousand of $$$ as an ECA, can bring here THOUSANDS of new people, and can maybe decide to buy whatever he need in his house every month from TripleClicks. And we all spend a lot of money every month to buy what we need in house. With increasing number of LOCAL ECA and with new LOCAL PAY program now MORE THAN EVER before make sense to SWITCH your buying habit and buy from YOUR OWN STORE - TripleClicks. You will get products you need anyway but you will get VP to maintain your rank. That means you don't spend some extra money but you build your business. Other people can realize that also, so your job is to tell them about that. That will make you 45% of CV in $ commission of all they buy at TripleClicks making your OWN purchases actually FREE. And later you will end up with some EXTRA MONEY in your pocket.


So, that is WHY you should look for QUALITY not QUANTITY. I know, some think that QTTY produce Quality, but actually the truth is: it is just your NATURAL tendency which prevent you to spot EAGLES! And EAGLES NEVER FLY IN A FLOCK! And they NEVER fly with MANY sparrows! Newborn eagle can easily be mixed with grown sparrow and you will become disappointed why all that sparrows don't want to become eagles. It's what they are, they can never reach that level. But how not to mix them? You have to understand FUNNEL MARKETING from LaunchPad Day 16:


Simple you set some kind of filters in a form of GOALS and watch who will pass that. Than you rise the goals and watch again. The once who can FLY HIGH are YOUR EAGLES. While you do that you could help them a little bit as it is explained under BE AN AWESOME SPONSOR


SFI will help you a lot with setting GOALS while at the same time they would offer some PRIZES for fulfilling them, like FAST TRACK badge and 200 VP BONUS, like E365, DailyGrand Prizes, many recognitions etc... You just have to use that and filter out through your Genealogy report who are your eagles: small but with a potential, or already grown BIG EAGLES WATCH CAREFULLY and never waste your time.


Its obvious you should look not for many small birds but EAGLES. That is why I highly recommend to all of you to read, if you haven't done so, this article from Gery Carson: Quality (Not Quantity) & The Power Of Duplication


If you don't understand the concept how to succeed you will end up with frustration and even maybe some money wasted wrong ways and on the wrong things attracted by all that "shiny objects". You certainly don't want that. It is also explained in the article above: Many SFI affiliates sponsor dozens, even hundreds of affiliates and never see great success. WHY? The answer is on that link (


Now, WHAT kind of advertising you can do as a newbie? Here is what I do, and I teach my team to do the same:

1. social networks, FREE

2. safelists, FREE

3. traffic exchangers, FREE

4. you can easily start blogging if you have some extra time using for example Google Blogger, FREE

* note whatever service offer me to place banners I do that also. It's a case with 2. and 4. Banners.

You can find MANY banners with different message and size here:




and so on.. take a look for many other tips, ready text ads with your link included here:


If you need some TIPS and SPECIFIC places to start with your own advertising look under AFFILIATE TIPS ( tips from other affiliates just like you, me and others ) here:


Now, than you know WHY and WHAT to do you just need a PLAN.


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