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What are the things about SFI that most convince people to join?

Posted on April 26, 2014 at 1:40 PM

Well!!! Plenty of points are there which can convince people to join SFI. I am trying to list the best of those in my answer here.


1. Its Free: This is something that attracts most of the people on internet to join a program. If you see a survey on various sites, you can easily find maximum sign ups happens only in sites which are free. And also, who do not wish to make money without investing? It clearly eliminates the possibility of any money loss and gives high quality training materials. Hence, FREE is the most effective point to attract someone.


2. ECA: Something that attracts everyone selling online. Everywhere on the internet you have to pay for becoming an ECommerce with any website. However, TripleClicks provides it for completely FREE. So, this is a very very strong point to attract business minded people to SFI.


3. Penny auctions: Undoubtedly TripleClicks conducts one of the best penny auctions on the web. The best part being the price of each bid ($0.29) is less than almost every bidding site. This point is good enough to attract people for Shopping and Businessman.


4. Game Section: Unbelievable developments in recent months has put this part as one of the highlights to attract people for sign up. There are huge population of internet likes to play games. With the new Zebra games in action, you can attract huge sign ups. You can attract people by matching there interest with the present question. For example, you can attract people who love Movies for the present question on #1 Movies of April.


5. Wave 3: Who does not love to get FREE stuffs every month just for becoming a W3 member. It gives you a chance to win $250 every week and also guarantee you FREE stuffs too monthly.


Although there are many more facts but I love the ones most listed above. Hope You get benefit out of it.

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