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An inspiring success story of one of our fellow Affiliates.

Posted on May 23, 2014 at 5:25 AM

Today I am sharing a truely inspiring success story of one of our fellow Affiliates. It's really amazing.


Here is his success story in his own words.


"Where I am after two years in SFI."


"Today is my second year in SFI and I want to share to all my fellow SFI Affiliates what SFI and our TEAM has done to change my life.


It all started last May 23, 2012. I was working as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Saudi Arabia to support my family in the Philippines. Living my life far away from my family causes me a lot of stress but I have to do it to give my family a decent life. This situation prompted me to look for other alternative way to earn an income and the best place for me (considering my job) to look for other opportunity is thru the internet . When i joined SFI my only experience in online business are with PTC, HYIP, Revenue sharing and other QUICK GET RICH SCHEME programs . I also had my share of experiencing being scammed and lost money instead of earning an income . When I joined SFI, I quit my other online programs and concentrate in Learning the system and the additional knowledge that I can get from SFI website especially those about how to do online business . I study, I learn, then I take action and the rest is history.


Where I am after two years in SFI . With the help of SFI and our TEAM, I achieved my primary GOAL of leaving my overseas job and come back to my family in the Philippines . I don't have to worry about being unemployed in my own country because I got my SFI business and my monthly residual income is already higher (increasing every month) than what I am getting when I am working as an Overseas Filipino Worker . SFI has given me my DREAM JOB. Work less (No pressure) but Earn more , a lot of FREE time with my Family, and help other people (those who want to be helped) learn the life changing opportunity that SFI offers. I am not yet RICH but I am going there, still AIMING HIGH, and DREAMING BIG . . .


My Success will not be possible without SFI and all the member's of our TEAM . To SFI management and Staff, I want to thank you for creating this opportunity that changed my life and to all member's of our TEAM (including my uplines and Sponsor, thank you for being part of our TEAM and for helping me achieved my GOAL . By just doing our SFI business, we are helping change the lives of other people along the way . SFI is not just a business, we belong to an international community of people helping other people. To all SFI Affiliates, the only way to FAIL in this business is to QUIT . It may take time and a lot of patience to build but if you will persevere in doing your SFI business, your Success is assured.


To Our Success,


Melvin B Vibar



Check this Forum link for this amazing success story of Melvin:


If we AIM HIGH. DREAM BIG nothing is impossible in SFI.

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