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New for 2015: Diamond Team Leader!

Posted on January 1, 2015 at 10:40 AM


We are excited to announce today the debut of a brand new position in SFI:

Diamond Team Leader

The requirements to be a Diamond Team Leader (DTL) are:


  • 1500 SVP (Sales VersaPoints)
  • Develop 5 PTLs (Platinum Team Leaders) on your first level


In addition to the prestige of attaining the highest rank in SFI and the handsome income that five first level PTLs will bring, DTLs will also earn DOUBLE Matching VP on their 12th generation affiliates (theoretically, the generation that ultimately should have the largest number of affiliates of course)!

Yes, it can now be said, “A diamond is an affiliate’s best friend!” But we didn’t stop with just adding this new position.

Effective immediately, we’ve also made it easier to attain and advance to ALL Team Leader ranks. We’ve done this in two ways:

First, we’ve adjusted the SVP (Sales VersaPoints) qualification requirements, allowing for larger maximum amounts, as follows:


  • BTL is 1500-2000 SVP (no change)
  • STL is now 1500-2500 SVP
  • GTL is now 1500-3000 SVP
  • PTL is now 1500-3500 SVP


Secondly, we’ve adjusted the AVP you can earn for developing and supporting PSAs as follows:


  • 100 Support AVP for each EA2 (no change)
  • 200 Support AVP for each BTL (was 150)
  • 300 Support AVP for each STL (was 200)
  • 400 Support AVP for each GTL (was 250)
  • 500 Support AVP for each PTL (was 300)
  • 600 Support AVP for each DTL (new)


And to top it all off and to incorporate all of the above, we’re debuting today at the Affiliate Center an important new webpage…THE PLAN.

What should your objective be in SFI to become a top earner? What are the steps for maximum success in SFI? That’s exactly what THE PLAN provides. It details, in one concise page, the six simple steps for maximizing your income and success in SFI. You’ll find the new page at:

We urge everyone to carefully digest and then bookmark this new, key page. And you’ll, of course, want to refer your team members to THE PLAN frequently.

P.S. What is your SFI goal for 2015? Which of the following rank badges will your SFI homepage be displaying one year from today?

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