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Why you should not convince someone to join SFI

Posted on August 13, 2015 at 12:15 AM


In network marketing it is important to talk about your business and how you got this far. One of the mistakes you can make during these conversations is trying to convince people to join SFI. Personally, I do not feel that it is a matter of having to convince anyone at all, and here’s why:


With anything that we do in life that involves people, whether personally or professionally, it starts with building and nurturing relationships. Let’s say you have a friend who has come to you in dire need of advice. Why did they come to you? Because you have built that relationship and have earned their trust.


The same principle can be applied to your SFI business. As you build, develop and grow your team, enter into conversations with your downline. Get to know them. Find out about things like family, hobbies, sports, where they live, etc. This demonstrates to them that you are genuinely interested in them as a person and not just another pay cheque. As you develop relationships with your downline members, you will, in time, earn their trust, and once they trust you, then it is not longer a matter of having to convince them… all you will have to do is teach and show them how to make money with SFI and they will instinctively follow your lead out of trust in you.


What can you do?

It’s hard to convince people to do anything without showing them some sort of proof, and many affiliates have not yet earned the kind of income that could inspire someone to join SFI on that premise alone.


Even if you could show how successful you are, it doesn’t mean that the individuals you are trying to convince will obtain the same results, so it’s always best to avoid giving any tangible proof that may ultimately back-fire on you.


Instead of just focusing on how much money they can earn, why not turn the conversation around to the many opportunities and benefits SFI has to offer. A good way to do this is by talking about your own experience.


Tell them about your achievements and how you have learned more than you could ever have imagined; how you continue to learn something new each day. Tell them about your badges or the prizes you have won, or any other accomplishment you are particularly proud of. But most of all, allow your enthusiasm and passion for SFI to shine through.


Let your prospects know that by joining SFI, not only will they have free access to valuable information; they will also have many useful tools at their disposal to help them grow their business. And, although their level of success will depend entirely on how much time and effort they dedicate to their new venture, assure them that they can always count on you to guide and support them.


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