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Guides for SFI Affiliates

This section will contain advice and step-by-step guides to help new affiliates get the best from their SFI business.

Each guide is designed to simplify part of the learning process by breaking SFI down into small pieces that can be tackled one at a time.

You can work through the steps as quickly or slowly as you want, but make sure you complete the steps in order, and try not to stop part way through a step.

Step 1: First Login

When you log in to your account for the first time, you will be taken to the new affiliate “welcome” page.  Read this page carefully, as it contains information on how to get started with SFI, and how to earn your fast-track bonus.

Step 2: Red Tabs

When you first go to the Affiliate Center, you will notice some of the tabs on the Homepage are highlighted in red.  These will always be red the first time you log in each day, and represent something you can do to earn VP (VersaPoints).

Step 3: Ask SC and the Daily Grand

Ask SC is where affiliates can go to ask questions of the whole SFI community.  The questions asked here are usually targeted towards getting best results from your SFI business, so the answers make interesting reading.

Step 4: A2A

One of SFI’s biggest strengths is how it enables and encourages affiliates to help each other, even if they are not part of the same team.  The a2a system is a key part of that. This is SFI's own Social Networking for it's affiliates.

Step 5: Daily Tasks

To be successful with any business, it’s important to establish a routine.

The tasks in Steps 2 to 4 should be done daily, with a few slight modifications.

Now that you are an a2a member, you can work through the red tabs in order each day, so your list of daily tasks will look like this:

  1. Check the TO-DO LIST (1VP)
  2. View the latest TIPS (1VP)
  3. Check out the latest STREAM posts (and also post something yourself, if you want) (1VP)
  4. Check out what’s going on at TRIPLECLICKS, and remember to check out the products added in the last 72 hours (3VP)
  5. View the SCOREBOARD to see how you are ranked, and also check your earnings (1VP)
  6. Check out A2A, respond to friend requests, and consider sending some of your own (1VP)
  7. Look at your list of MOVERS (1VP)
  8. Check out the latest GROWTH stats, and look for potential a2a friends among the new Team Leaders and Top Enrollers (1VP)
  9. Rate at least 10 answers at ASK SC (30 if you have time) (1VP)
  10. Visit the WIN IT! tab to enter the Daily Grand

These tasks will probably take no more than 15 to 20 minutes, and will earn you 11VP per day, or between 308VP to 341VP per month, depending on how many days are in the month.

There are other tasks you can perform on a regular basis (weekly and monthly), but these are the only tasks that award VP every day.  Make it a habit to do these tasks first each day, before visiting any other part of the SFI website.

Step 6: Emails

There are 250VP to be earned for email related tasks.

Go to Your SFI Affiliate Center, and click on the TO-DO LIST tab.  Find the section headed GETTING-STARTED ACTIONS and click the link “for confirming your registration“.  Follow the instructions to confirm your email address.  (This will involve clicking a link in an email that is sent to you, so make sure your email address is correct.)

Once your email address is confirmed, 150VP will be added to your account.

The second email task is to whitelist email addresses belonging to SFI and your upline members.

Go to the TO-DO LIST tab, GETTING-STARTED ACTIONS.  Click on the link “for whitelisting mail“. 

The email addresses in red are the most important ones to whitelist, but I did them all because I want to receive emails from all of my upline, and I know my email provider likes putting things in my SPAM folder!

Scroll down the page a little to find the instructions to whitelist an address with your email provider, and follow the instructions for each email address in turn.

Once you have done this, scroll back to the top of the page.  There is a button in the top-right corner to click and claim your 100VP.

Step 7: FAQs

This step is a simple reading one.

Go to your SFI Affiliate Center, go to the TO-DO LIST tab, and scroll down to GETTING-STARTED ACTIONS.  Click on the link “for reading the Getting Started FAQs“.

A big list of FAQs will open.  Take a look at some of the questions there, and if you would like to know the answer, click on the link.

Once you have finished reading the FAQs, use your browser’s BACK button to return to the FAQ index, and click the link in the top-right corner to claim your VP.

Step 8: Marketing Methods

This is another reading task, and it’s a very important one.  All businesses make money by marketing their products and services to potential customers, and SFI is no exception.  There are 2 marketing indexes at SFI – one for SFI itself and one for TripleClicks – and you are rewarded with VP for reviewing both of them.

Step 9: Social Networks

There is a very easy 80VP to be claimed by liking and following SFI and TripleClicks at FaceBook and Twitter.

Login to the SFI Affiliate Center, click the TO-DO LIST tab, and go to GETTING-STARTED ACTIONS.  Click the link “for following SFI on Twitter“.

Follow the steps to follow SFI and verify your follow.  Once this is complete, you will be automatically awarded 20VP.

Go back to your TO-DO LIST and click the link “for following TripleClicks on Twitter“.

Follow the steps to follow TripleClicks and verify your follow.  Once this is complete, you will be automatically awarded 20VP.

Step 10: Your Commitment Message

It’s a very important task, and one that you shouldn’t take lightly.  You are about to send a message to a real person, and that person will be very happy to receive your message.

Login to the SFI Affiliate Center, click on the TO-DO LIST tab and go to GETTING-STARTED ACTIONS.  Click on the link “for sending your SFI Commitment Message to your sponsor“.

You will be taken to a page titled: ACTION: “Ready to Go”

Read the information at the top of the page, and then go to the questions below it.  I would recommend answering “YES” to questions A to C:

  1. It’s important to communicate with your sponsor
  2. You might not feel ready to support affiliates, but everyone feels that way when they first start out.  We all muddle through it somehow!
  3. Advertising co-ops are a really good thing to be part of (and just asking for details doesn’t mean you’ve committed yourself to getting involved).

Rate SFI from 1 to 10.  Only you can decide how you feel about SFI so far.  Be honest here.  You wouldn’t believe how many commitment messages I’ve received where people have rated SFI 10 one day, and then disappeared the next!

Use the box at the bottom to tell your sponsor how you really feel about SFI – the good and the bad – plus anything you think they should know about you.

Click the “Submit” button to send your message and claim your VP.

I hope the above steps will ease you through the SFI journey.

It's all ready for you to plug in and go! But many new affiliates get overwhelmed, so we've created this video to SIMPLIFY SFI and make it so you can jump in and get started quick and easy.