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How does it work?

After the initial sign-up there will be a training section waiting for you. You will be presented with the LaunchPad training first.

This is a tool designed to kick-start your business by giving you a 30-day training, 1 per day for the first 30 day’s. You are free to do as many as you want per day but if you are new to SFI I strongly suggest to read and learn.

It is like they say: You need to Learn before you earn !

If you rush trough the training things can become kinda overwhelming at first. I know it was for me !
There is so much information and training available for us SFI members that you need to take it one step at a time.

Take your time to read every lesson and learn from it before going to the next. There is no point in starting a business not being fully prepared. You will come to regret it in the future ! I keep saying business because that is exactly what SFI is. It is NOT a get rich quick overnight scheme !! It truly is a business and like any other business it has to grow.

SFI offers many ways to generate income and one by one you will learn them all !!

- Direct Commissions
- TripleClicks Executive Pool
- Co-Sponsor Commissions
- TCredit Bonus
- ECA Referral Program
- SFI Pay-Per-Action
- Pricebenders Auctions
- and more,.. MANY more..

Along with the LaunchPad training there is an Internet Income course as well.

There are over 80 articles on Internet Marketing. They include strategies on how to create RSS feeds, how to affectively do PPC advertising and how to use all sorts of social media to build your team.

Now here is where you have your advantage:
We allready did all the reading and learning. Since you will be joining me and my team we will gladly offer you any assistance trough Facebook, Skype, or email !